Welcome To Atc

Founded in 1993, Accurate Traffic Counts, Inc. (ATC) was created to provide the transportation community a timely and cost-effective way to collect accurate traffic data. Drawing on over 50 years of combined experience, ATC has the experience and expertise to deliver accurate, timely and cost-effective traffic data collection services.

ATC is recognized throughout the State of Florida as a leader in the traffic data collection field. Our staff's commitment to excellence combined with state-of-the art data collection technologies, allow us to complete any size project with the quality and timeliness needed to exceed the expectations of the professionals we serve.

With Reliability, Quality, and Precision as the cornerstone of our business, we commit all of our resources toward the collection of accurate traffic data and to maintaining the most recent and advanced technologies in the data collection industry.

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How We Do It

With various crews throughout the state of Florida, Accurate Traffic Counts, Inc. has the tenured staff and inventory to conduct both small individual and large statewide traffic data collection projects. To assure the utmost accuracy and reliability of the data collected, our office staff conducts a complete analysis of all traffic data that is collected by our technicians before it is sent to our clients. ATC will conduct the study again, at no additional cost if there are any questions about the integrity of the data.

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Accurate Traffic Counts, Inc. provides traffic data collection services that include, but are not limited to:

  • ATR Counts
  • Classification / Speed Studies
  • Directional Turning Movement Counts
  • Origin-Destination Surveys
  • Licence Plate Surveys
  • Pedestrian / Bicycle Counts